Plus Fashion, Just Fashion

Kori Hyer “Society is going to accept that women come in all shapes and sizes.” –Sabrina Talso   The plus-sized woman has always been a part of our world. She has always been beautiful. She has always had a fantastic sense of style.  Unfortunately, this style had been limited by the lack of plus-sized optionsContinue reading “Plus Fashion, Just Fashion”

Faux Fur Vs. Real Fur

Anne Graf There is no free lunch The thought of adorning our bodies in the skins of what used to be living, breathing beings shocks and horrifies most ethically-aware fashionistas.  But is it that cut and dry? Does wearing fur really equate someone to Cruella de Vil? Is faux fur a godsend, alleviating us ofContinue reading “Faux Fur Vs. Real Fur”

Music & Fashion Intertwined

Caroline Kotterer A deeper look into the blurred boundaries between music and fashion Music is the soundtrack to our lives. Whether you’re waking up in the morning, walking to class, or taking a shower music can accompany these small activities. Putting together an outfit requires much more than just background noise. When deciding on whetherContinue reading “Music & Fashion Intertwined”